It really takes so little olive oil to end up with a soft kale salad. So little! I think I’m zeroing in on the right amount. Not even a dime. Smaller than a dime. I threw in the rest of the blueberries, some almonds, and some Parmesan cheese and ate as fast as I could. Ten miles in the morning made me so so hungry in the afternoon. 

E. and I tried again to meet and fill out the METRO workshop form and upload revisions to the encyclopedia entry, this time at the new coffee and sandwich place rather than the old one. Night and day when it came to sandwich fillings. A third fillings. That’s appropriate. We completed the tasks at hand and caught up on each other’s cats, all of whom have been sick. Turns out we love our cats a lot. 

Buffalo Wild Wings has a lunch special! I got it plus the beer special and worked through some work email using the wifi and then watched a show about the NBA draft. America!

I planned to meet E. at the new coffee place but it’s so fancy it’s closed on Mondays so we went to the old coffee place. I got ham and cheese and E. got salmon and on. Oth cases I thought the bread-to-filling ratio was way off. Really it was just a bread sandwich. We gossiped and caught up and we’re ready to dive into work when my phone rattled at me a reminder that therapy would start in 43 minutes. I had totally forgotten. Oops. We’ll try again tomorrow. 

L. is maybe the best cook I know. If she ever asks you over for a meal say yes. The ricotta pancakes were even better with lemon curd. They have five cats. O. and C. were born on the same day in the same hospital and they played spit in the back room while we talked about celiac and breastfeeding and how sometimes you can know that your desires are ideological constructed but it just doesn’t matter. You still want things. 

O. was invited to a birthday party in Queens at the science museum about an hour after we were scheduled to finish the Queens 10K together. Can you even believe the serendipity? This gave K. and I two hours to get lunch. Our phones told us this Mexican place was the best option in walking distance and I believe it. We split enchiladas and got tamales too. If I could go back in time I would have ordered ten more tamales.  The TV was showing an infomercial for a special cat fur grabber, a glove you wear on your hand and then insert into this pocket thing that removes all the fur so you can start over again. K. was riveted. One will be arriving by mail soon.

K. and I went out for birthday lunch at the place we like to go for dinner in the neighborhood. A strangely small lunch menu. Like, why open for lunch? We split a salad and a sandwich and were still hungry so we ordered dessert. The salty cream on top of the chocolate was really the best part. Next time we’ll ask for extra. I asked K. what I should do in my 42nd year. Do you want to write a book? Sure. What about? I didn’t find that second question all that helpful.