According to my Facebook memories, yesterday was the four year anniversary trip to the Smashburger across the street from the library. I wasn’t at work so had to wait to celebrate until today. It’s as buttery and delicious as ever.


K. keeps me in foods, it turns out, so there I was at the end of my refdesk shift and Smashburger was the best option and it was delicious. For some reason we all got tons of coupons for free fries. Guess I have to go back tomorrow.

I feel like I’d been waiting all week for a good time to go to Smashburger, to have the lunch I would eat every day if I could, if I didn’t feel the demand to eat food to live. I got my favorite chicken sandwich, the fried pickles, brought it back to my office to eat while finishing up a data entry job. Office life!

O. and I ran into K. filling her car after a trip to the coop and we caught a ride! A little bit of luck after missing the 7th avenue bus by a couple of feet. The ride meant we had time to eat at Smashburger, my home away from home. How do I know I’m a regular? The manager who delivered our food asked if I wanted more jalapenos and then brought me a dish of them. Perfect chicken sandwich. D. and I. met us, then O., I. and I headed over to the basketball game. I love taking those guys to the game.

How are you Miss E.? Sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name.

I wanted to be well-fortified before heading to the Jack Rabbit for my packet pickup shift so I waited to eat until just before 2pm, swallowed the last of my lunch minutes before my desk shift, took off at 3pm and worked til seven, the fat calories keeping me cheerfully upright as I worked my way through the alphabet.

I had all the feelings one might normally associate with a union meeting and so M. and I ducked out and ordered fried pickles and complained and gossiped and then I had to get back to work and the rest of lunch I brought from home would just have to wait.