K.’s gone. She’s the person who gets the food from the store and puts it into the refrigerator. Without her, I’m so hungry. Amazing how fast I can learn helplessness. So I thawed a dish of chili and boasted about it, K., it’s like I’m cleaning out the freezer!

I guess I’d technically eaten lunch when I got home from my long run and gobbled a meat and egg sandwich (on Passover???), but I was hungry again two hours later when we finally got to S.’s house with take out Indian which we ate in the bedroom serving as a kitchen and dining area during S.’s remodel. Wow, remodeling. I think I’ll just stick with what we already have.

At a certain point, we’d all been waiting in line too long to give up now. The woman behind me only had a credit card and the credit card machine was broken by the time she got up to the front. A flurry of cash offers prevented a riot. I don’t know if it was worth it, is a lamb kebob and rice ever worth it, could it be, but it certainly did taste earned, eaten on a concrete curb next to J., a guy it turned out I knew from the internet.

C. and I went to the Thai place on Fulton and she picked up the tab this time because I picked up the tab last time. We talked assessment shop, a talk I still kind of can’t believe I can talk, but I can, and do, and get paid for it. Life is nuts.

I thawed a dish of chili and put a scoop of rice on top of it and ate it at my desk between class and my desk shift and this is just what this time in the semester feels like.

I ate my reheated chili and rice at my desk between my class and my desk shift, staring at the internet like you do.

The institutional lunch was really elaborate, steam trays of meats and vegetables, this was not your ordinary wraps. I stood in line with M. and J. and we goggled at the warning on the roasted vegetable tray: no turnips. But why? I found the desserts inedible and was happy for the cookies that arrived later in the afternoon.