It was late by the time we got to P.’s house on the ocean for lunch but wow worth the wait, sitting at a table in the living room, look to the left and there’s the ocean. Just 20 minutes from K.’s house. In a few weeks I’m going to run all the way there, knock on the door and ask for brunch.


I’m just two days back on the job and already I’m not eating until 3, in a work meeting with colleagues, how is this happening already.

I fixed up a plate of snackables and dialed K. on the googleyvideochat. She hadn’t seen C. since he got back from the vet, cleared of what I suspected briefly was ringworm. I held him up in front of the camera, K. showed me her cats, I ate, we talked about cats.

It was like an old-school lesbian potluck, except that I was the only person there and the only one who brought food, and I just ate on my couch with the television on.

I remember losing in the policy debate quarterfinals at State, totally unjust decision, even if teff is poisonous when prepared incorrectly, boot it out of our plan and you still get all the benefits of planting amaranth and winged bean in the rapidly expanding sub-Saharan desert. We were completely robbed. I remember thinking, Well, I guess that’s the last time I’ll ever win anything. Pretty much true until this latest spate of pub quiz dominance. Match tonight includes a round of questions about the movie Just One of the Guys, so I watched it again with my lunch, for like the eightieth time. Still awesome.

So my current project has me writing (evocatively, thrillingly, even, I hope) on the moment, the immediate and urgent, Benjamin called it the catastrophic present. Which is funny considering how hard I go in for routines and patterns, these leveled abstractions laid over everyday life. And I did, I took great pleasure in doing what I did yesterday, coming home for lunch between work and play, watching a little something on the tv.

Food tastes better when you’ve laid down a little work behind you. I just wasn’t worried about it since it was already done. Sweet sweet lunch, in my dark apartment, in front of the fan, watching a show on tv.