We had just over an hour to get something gluten-free for J. for lunch and enough food for H. and me too before H. and J.’s CAIS panel. That kinda sorta left the Freshii at the bridge as our best option, the best option for many, many people, given the line to the door, unexpected somehow by the three people working there. It took awhile, when I finally got my burrito I inhaled it. J. forgot his bag and had to spring back for it. Couldn’t believe I got to be in such good company.


C. didn’t want to. Kim chee on burritos? It’s appropriation! It was also the shortest food truck line so that’s where I stayed, C. came back when the fish taco line stopped moving at all, we all got food and then sat on a grassy knoll in the sun across from the convention center and talked about all the things we had in common, mostly libraries and stepmoms and open access. Highlight of the conference for me for sure.

I took a break from the Digital Labor forum and zoned out in a Chipotle to Soda Crush. I look forward to later trading on a critique of that behavior.

I got to the airport with hours of time, but wow I didn’t have the energy in me to make any decisions beyond this last one, which burrito to get for lunch at the Toronto airport Freshii. I opted for one that came with barbecue sauce. It was great. I was so ready, beyond ready, to be at home.

I’m hungry chirped O. from the back seat and then like magic a taco stand appeared on the side of the road. K. swerved in, we ordered food, I inhaled mine, I was so hungry. All those meals eaten outside, wow, I could get used to that.

I was so addled from Pilates that I didn’t even see what was special about the lunch special until J. pointed my eyes down the menu. It comes with sides! I wasn’t ready to order the first time the waitress came by and then it took ages for her to come by again and I was agitated in a way that I can only share with good friends, so there you go J., price of admission. We ate and gossiped and I was a little negative, I admit, about a range of things and people. But well stretched and strengthened!

I’ve watched so much Toddlers & Tiaras that ordering a burrito supreme sounds like I’m granting some giant prize. I’ve also flown Delta from Detroit to LaGuardia so many times that I knew just what my options work at the A70 gates, and that Taco Bell was pretty much the best I could do. I ate in my seat as the flight boarded.