When at home, why not make a hot lunch and eat it on the couch watching football?

I flirted with the idea of skipping lunch at home and eating a cheeseburger on my way into the office but decided it was worth it to get in two servings of vegetables, went ahead and made lunch at home, fork in my right hand, Candy Crush in my left.

How 1% is it to take yourself out to fancy-pants lunch post-appointment with your accountant? I had the restaurant week menu, everything was delicious, it cost the tax refund I didn’t actually get this year. It turns out that Pratt takes out taxes as if the $5000 they paid me was all I made this year, so I ended up having to give most of it back. But oysters! I couldn’t say no.

Late shift meant dinner for lunch, in my apartment on my couch, watching my show on tv.

I’m a bunch of days away from this fruits and vegetables thing being just an average normal habit so I measured a serving of peas, 2/3 a cup according to some random website I found by Googling around, I eat this meal pretty much all the time, but what counts as a serving? What counts?

What better way to celebrate the end of a bout of citation wrangling than with a bowl of pasta and a little bit of television, okay maybe a lot bit?

Blissed out from a massage I barely kept myself upright and made a hot lunch, then devoured the rest of the pie.

I ran ten miles and then had a part of my body scanned by a medical professional and I figured I deserved what I gave myself: a bowl of pasta on the couch watching an episode of Sister Wives.

13.1! In the can! That was awesome! And wow I felt all messed up when it was over and just wanted to drop myself solid on the couch and eat lunch.

Can you call it carbo loading if you do it after the ten mile run?