I thought I grabbed a lemon yogurt but it was plain. The best part of the lunch, obviously, was the chunk of cheese, part of the block of manchego that belongs to me and only me in the refrigerator at home. I read S.’s chapter for the book she edited with B. Resonating all over the place, and incredibly brave. I put blueberries on my salad and they were so much better than my usual handful of raisins.


Among other things, B. and I agree about the new Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education, also about going to lunch at the same place we went last time. Routine. Is anything better?

K. packed me a lunch and I don’t know what I would have done without it, meetings back to back to back to back the whole entire day, not a minute to run out and get a sandwich, just half an hour or so between gender studies and the union, and I needed to write my speech. So grateful. How in the world did I get so lucky.

The meeting was held in Brooklyn instead of Middletown and that made it a much more palatable event, not nearly so much driving, just a shuttle train ride and quick walk to S.’s house where we enjoyed D.’s traditional spread along with a couple of soups that S. made. That lentil soup, is it a mandatory recipe for people on the left? I swear I’ve been eating it and it has tasted the same since 1978.

K. told me to eat the mozzarella so I did, with bread and a cut up tomato. O. asked for a bowl of lettuce with carrot sticks–really–so he ate that. Our first meal without her, I felt heavy with it but O. was all cheer. Is it December 22nd yet?

K. and I got the Perfect Picnic and it was pretty close, turned out to be a fantastic thing that the ferry was so far away and ran just once an hour. O. had the chicken tacos, E. had the empanadas, ended up coated with them really.

The puzzle for me about the tuna sandwich has been how to keep the tuna inside the sandwich. I gave up, opted instead for just keeping the tuna in the dish, bread on the side for scooping. I ate in the half hour between meetings, finishing up the answer key for the competency exam pilot program.