I ate a salad in a meeting about outcomes assessment and it was all a little watery. 

I ate the salad K. made me and the chips that A. brought while sitting in a chair on the sand under an umbrella, watching the Atlantic Ocean.

Nothing was open because things don’t really get started up at Congress until Monday so the lines were long. I picked the shortest one and got the cous cous and steak salad. As soon as I was done I marched over and got a beaver tail and swallowed it in like six seconds. So great!

This salad’s big innovation: a handful of olives. I love olives so much and by lunchtime they’d made everything else taste like olives.

The decision of the Post union leadership to commit to a contract extension with draconian eat-your-young cutbacks for new hires without sufficient discussion as its own faculty not to mention even the courtesy of letting us in Brooklyn know what was happening made it super hard to just sit in the strategic planning meeting and pretend everything was normal. I wasn’t helped by the terrible wrap which somehow had three different kinds of American cheese inside a flour tortilla and still was the best I could do.

There really aren’t that many days when what I wish for is Aramark catering, but this was one of those days, ran to work, didn’t pack anything, K. is gone so the refrigerator is out of roasted vegetable leftovers, scheduled up the wazoo through to 9pm. The strategic planning meeting was the best thing that happened to me all day.

I ate my salad in my office before the core curriculum review meeting. The coop Bulgarian feta was the best part by far, the roasted potatoes a close second. It was a staring-around kind of day, couldn’t connect to anything beyond how done I am, toast, finished, book it. Ready for a good long rest.