Buffalo Wild Wings has a lunch special! I got it plus the beer special and worked through some work email using the wifi and then watched a show about the NBA draft. America!

Paying real money for things to drink still feels impossibly luxurious, even now, a decade into making a salary high enough to regularly pay real money for things to drink. I don’t even think about getting the juice anymore, I just get it. I put a can of lemon lime seltzer from home into my lunch bag this morning. Eating in my office in the twelve minutes between therapy and the refdesk, it was like I was practically in France.

I thought I grabbed a lemon yogurt but it was plain. The best part of the lunch, obviously, was the chunk of cheese, part of the block of manchego that belongs to me and only me in the refrigerator at home. I read S.’s chapter for the book she edited with B. Resonating all over the place, and incredibly brave. I put blueberries on my salad and they were so much better than my usual handful of raisins.

I ate a salad in a meeting about outcomes assessment and it was all a little watery. 

I ate the salad K. made me and the chips that A. brought while sitting in a chair on the sand under an umbrella, watching the Atlantic Ocean.

Nothing was open because things don’t really get started up at Congress until Monday so the lines were long. I picked the shortest one and got the cous cous and steak salad. As soon as I was done I marched over and got a beaver tail and swallowed it in like six seconds. So great!

This salad’s big innovation: a handful of olives. I love olives so much and by lunchtime they’d made everything else taste like olives.