No filet o fish has ever been devoured with more pleasure than the filet o fish I devoured at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

By now I know the transfer situation at the Salt Lake City airport so well that I knew I had just enough time to dash in and out of the McDonalds line if I wanted to have enough to eat for lunch.

O. and I took the 4 to the end of the line at Woodlawn (his idea) and ate lunch at the McDonald’s. You can always find a McDonald’s at the end of the line.

I ate the soup because I had thawed it out and it was important to eat my soup. Then I went out and got a filet o fish at McDonalds because that was really the mood I was in.

If I told you I ate a filet o fish and an order of fries, what would you say?

I was over it so beyond over it, just one long work day run into a kind of terrible half one, and the line to get a slice of pizza was not moving I swear it was like jury duty but there was no line at McDonalds so I was just forget it and got a number 16 with a Diet Coke.

When in the Salt Lake City airport, right? O. had the happy meal with chocolate milk and apple slices. These healthy gestures! I love it! I also loved his real concern about the size of his fries. Why are my fries so small? Great question! It’s because you are so small.

Although O. insisted that part of why he was looking forward to spending two weeks with me was because Emily takes me to McDonald’s, we ended up not going there at all, not even once in two weeks. But today, in the rain, while K. went to therapy and we had to kill a couple hours together? Why not the McDonald’s on Court Street? The toy was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Did you know that those apparently never went away?

Cat’s away so the mice will play to the tune of McDonald’s for lunch and then a movie. Gravity was maybe the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I can’t even pretend I didn’t duck out and run over to the McDonald’s and order my old standby filet o fish and fries. That was what it was, what I could do, a testament to the flood of communication and calendars that is my life right now. This email confirms the instruction session for your composition course this semester. And repeat.