No filet o fish has ever been devoured with more pleasure than the filet o fish I devoured at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 


By now I know the transfer situation at the Salt Lake City airport so well that I knew I had just enough time to dash in and out of the McDonalds line if I wanted to have enough to eat for lunch.

O. and I took the 4 to the end of the line at Woodlawn (his idea) and ate lunch at the McDonald’s. You can always find a McDonald’s at the end of the line.

I ate the soup because I had thawed it out and it was important to eat my soup. Then I went out and got a filet o fish at McDonalds because that was really the mood I was in.

If I told you I ate a filet o fish and an order of fries, what would you say?

I was over it so beyond over it, just one long work day run into a kind of terrible half one, and the line to get a slice of pizza was not moving I swear it was like jury duty but there was no line at McDonalds so I was just forget it and got a number 16 with a Diet Coke.

When in the Salt Lake City airport, right? O. had the happy meal with chocolate milk and apple slices. These healthy gestures! I love it! I also loved his real concern about the size of his fries. Why are my fries so small? Great question! It’s because you are so small.