I ate half my dish of lentil salad before teaching the biology class and half after, a palate-cleansing orange in between so I could feel fresh and lively in front of those undergrads. A surprisingly engaged group, I think because they had a lot of complaints.

Inspired, this lentil and tuna salad, a perfect cold salad, I felt full when I was done with it. In my hunt for lunch that works, this is a solid out-of-the-park option. Less inspired was waiting until 2:30 to eat because I had to teach a class. When I don’t eat I get cranky, and it’s hard to show off the books when I’m cranky. It’s the dijon mustard in the dressing that really kicks it into gear.

I heated up my lentils and rice and ate them at the table in my office next to K. as we hovered over our revise and resubmit, picking up revisions in the findings section. K. really believes in the firmness of the March 1 deadline. Thank god. Up to me it would be finished in like a year and a half.

I bought a five pound sack of onions on a whim over the weekend, I don’t know what got into me. I live in New York. Everything I buy I have to carry for like miles. Especially when I am produce shopping in Manhattan. So then it was just a question of what to do with so many onions. I found a lentil recipe that required two, cooked and cooked and cooked then half thrown in with lentils and rice and water to cook some more while the other half caramelized. I can tell I am an adult because I bothered to make the yogurt sauce. Reheated and for lunch it was perfect, totally filling, very oniony, next time I’ll caramelize more than that.

So the thing about the tech services microwave is that it tends to get the outside ring of my thawed container of lentils really really hot, leaving a cold-to-frozen lump in the center that warms up slowly as I stir it around back in my office eating lunch and loading and reloading Facebook while wondering what exactly I did to force all the energy to rush out of my body at 11:01 am leaving me exhausted and dulled like a bad knife. Solution: I took my spoon with me to the tech services microwave and used it to stir it around, stir it around, stir it around a few times during the lentils-reheating process. Hot through and through.

I ate reheated lentils in my office staring out the big picture windows at the ball field, ladies lacrosse practice, it was late afternoon because that’s what it’s going to be this semester, two doses of the 12 to 2 shift.

Throwback! I used to make this soup all the time, it has limes in it, which sounds really odd but is in fact really good, and then I gave up on it, not sure why. Everything old is new again, thawing and reheating in the tech services microwave, M. was in line behind me with a dish of pasta. Felt good to hold things up again.

I filled out my flex account reimbursement forms while I ate so I could fax them before we went on strike. Who knows when I will see a fax machine again.

My body is telling me we really shouldn’t be flinging ourselves thousands of miles through the air in just a few hours. I managed to stay awake until ten last night, really it’s only a four hour difference, went for a run this morning pretending everything’s normal, but my limbs are heavy and flat on the couch, eating the easiest lunch imaginable in front of this Ken Burns national parks documentary. Wish I was still on a mountain.

I was like a ravenous dog by the time I left that meeting, ate as fast as I could holding my dish right up to my face. Days like this I’m glad I have a cloffice door that closes.