I can’t watch the Comey hearings. No fewer bombs will be dropped, no fewer children hungry. That’s not where power is. That’s now how we’re going to wrest it. Nobody is coming for us. My mother used to tell me that when I was a girl, in my memory it’s a bit  ghoulish, a face out of the darkness, nothing is coming for you. What she meant was that if you want it you have to go get it, and watching tv is not going out and getting it. Power is so hard to build. Wins are so hard to get. Whatever. There’s a Chinese version of Chipotle across the street from the office now. I ran out of time this morning so figured I’d try it. High end Panda Express. Who knows when I’ll get this taste out of my mouth. Who knows when I’ll get this taste out of my mouth.

C. and I went to the Thai place on Fulton and she picked up the tab this time because I picked up the tab last time. We talked assessment shop, a talk I still kind of can’t believe I can talk, but I can, and do, and get paid for it. Life is nuts.

The institutional lunch was really elaborate, steam trays of meats and vegetables, this was not your ordinary wraps. I stood in line with M. and J. and we goggled at the warning on the roasted vegetable tray: no turnips. But why? I found the desserts inedible and was happy for the cookies that arrived later in the afternoon.

What comes with the chicken and rice platter? I asked, and the answer, chicken and rice, should have sent me in another direction, but I was not making the best choices. I took it to go and ate on a bench on the train platform, mistaken in my belief that the 1:03pm would take me home to New York-Penn Station. Nope. Only going to Trenton. I waiting until 1:20 for the pokey old local.

I made a plate of my leftover birthday dinner from K.’s refrigerator and ate it at the table while reading my new book. K. was at a PBAT panel at the high school, the cat was sprawled all over the table. I’m so lucky.

I heated up a frozen dinner and ate it on the couch watching television. And then I popped some popcorn and ate it on the couch watching television. What’s abject?

Why not get the P.F. Chang’s sake flight with the spicy chicken lunch special? When in Rome!