I was at work and the heat in my office was broken and I was so cold but you know what warms a person up? Coating their insides with hot fat. 


One of those work days where lunch didn’t happen until after 2pm, not my favorite kind of day but what can you do when you’re in a class and then at the desk and by the time it rolled around all I wanted was a burger and fries so that’s what I had.

I ran four miles as fast as I have ever run four miles home then hurried back to Brooklyn to grab O. from basketball and get lunch. Tom & Jerry cartoons were playing on the television in the restaurant. O. was rolling, loling, the definition of childlike joy. That show holds up!

I’m done, toast for the week, done done done. Too cold and too long, too dark and too loud. Done. Burger and fries, and they comp’ed my fries. I go all the time and I tip all the time and it has now been awhile since I paid for a side.

I had this dish of thawed lentil soup, but my body wanted a burger and fries, it just wanted a burger and fries. It has been an absolutely absurd week of missed deadlines, so out of character, I just wanted a burger. And fries. So that’s what I had. And then I felt sick.

When K. and O. were in Missoula their friend D. told them to hit the Boise Fry Company, so that’s what we did. I think there are better fries. I think there are better fries in New York. There. I said it. Then we went to the natatorium and went down the hydrotube about ten thousand times.

I was pretty sure a burger would be a mistake, it’s kind of always a mistake. But I just love Smashburger burgers so much. It wasn’t really worth it.