Down to slim refrigerator pickings, I assembled turkey, cream cheese, and cucumbers on bread. It felt like afternoon tea. I swallowed it in my office I. The twenty minutes between talking to C. about my life and sitting at the refdesk. I thought this part of the semester was over. 


Sliced boiled egg with lettuce and capers. It wasn’t enough food. 

K. asked me to please help eat the abundance of spoiling avocados in the house and so I put half of one on my sandwich. All the light bulbs were out in my office but I have a big window. The rainy and gray day made things a bit dim. 

If I’m honest, the prospect of institutional box lunch was half of why I agreed to go to the accreditation workshop. It did not disappoint, because I keep a very low bar. Chips and cookies, both!

There’s something so lunch about a ham sandwich, just sounds like a metal lunch box, legs swinging over the side of the scaffolding, just repairing a bridge like you do when you’re working, a ham sandwich and maybe a thermos of soup. I had a yogurt instead. Super mega really not vegan. 

Campus Leadership Council meeting means free Aramark lunch! If we’re honest, it’s 40% of the reason I’m here. The sandwich was new and pretty great, there’s something about dry, leathery institutional ham slices that I really enjoy. The pasta was still al dente, a rare thing. And Cheetos are every bit as good as they look in the back page ad of the Archie Double Digest. I was so pleased that it was 40 minutes or so before I realized that there was no cookie tray, just little bags of hard dry Famous Amos vending machine cookies. I guess we can’t have it all. 

We went to the Italian place across the street because it seemed fastest and easiest and everybody was hungry and the Post people had to get back. It was four of us talking planning and assessment and then a bunch of burly Italian guys. We ended up looking at a chart of Fellow assignments that should have taken three minutes to sort out but instead it took half an hour and we had to go and it still wasn’t finished. That’s planning and assessment!