I came home more confused than ever, consumed by whether I should say yes or not, thought about ramen, my go to in moments like this, remembered about the ravioli and wanted that. K. made these ice cube trays of pesto and froze them weeks ago and still so good, easy as ramen, really.


Finished the vacuuming and the laundry and had a meeting at 1:30 so I ate what I could and that was a nice hour, on the couch with a program and a bowl of hot pasta.

Lopsided dining meant that O. was full on hot dog and fries a few hours before I was hungry post-breakfast, so I ate frozen ravioli with peas on the couch while he snacked on carrots and watched an episode of Chicken Town, the single worst animated television program I have ever seen in my life. In my life. There are no words for how terrible this television show is.

M. couldn’t eat barbecue lunch after all so instead I went home at the lunch hour and sat on my couch and ate and petted my cat and watched television and turned the place upside down looking for my royalty check which as it turned out was in my wallet where it had been all along.

I ate the last of the raviolis with an episode of Say Yes to the Dress, then headed uptown to hand out numbers and t-shirts.

O. refused ravioli so I made him a bagel and he sat and watched Chicken Town while I made myself pasta and a vegetable for lunch, it was almost like eating dinner.

Given how fast I inhaled my post-race omelette and home fries I was surprised I was hungry ever again. But there it was, after the laundry, before the dance party, ravioli and asparagus and a little television.