I fortified myself before diving into the issue, a sandwich with a side of tomatoes, look at that, a serving of vegetables!


Everything in my day was pushed back so I could celebrate D.’s birthday, it was kind of surprising, tough to figure out what to do with my routine all the way off, you know how that can be. So I sat on my couch and ate and watched an episode of a program and then did the dishes and took off uptown.

L. made us fancy tuna sandwiches, added bits of this and that, we carried the plates out to the backyard and ate on the grass next to the lemon tree. The sun was hot on my arm, the air smelled like growing things, L. was right that the olives were key and better than mayonnaise.

M. put everything out on the table for lunch, in little dishes and on plates and ladled into bowls, and we passed things around and all livened up, I think the soup especially was necessary for the hangovers we were nursing. Next time you’re in Milwaukee, I strongly recommend the mai tais. Or maybe just the one mai tai.

It may be days until we can go outside again, storms are storming, took my lunch to a trail and ate following the blue blazes through the Staten Island greenbelt, I’ll want a memory I can lean into when it’s all rain, all rain.

Would you believe I reached the top of Bull Hill, found a flat rock looking out over the river, beyond glad I hadn’t come with the group behind me, busy arguing whether the pace on the way up had been class difficult or class strenuous? I was hungry, my sandwich felt earned, I am terribly out of shape. And I envied your mountain, taller I’m sure, quieter too.

It is so wonderfully quiet in here today, save for the thunk and thwap of the Twins/Indians game on the television set.