Still turned upside down from jet lag lunch was what I ate around the middle of this time zone, anceoissant on the way to Bacolod, some apples from home at the airport. 


The weather was about to turn bad and so K. and O.’s airplane was canceled and then I was all in a tizzy about what I might be able to make happen, could I rebook them on some other flight, would that work, could they fly to Grand Rapids, if they could fly to Grand Rapids could they get to the airport on time, it was all I could do to keep my guts inside my body, another person’s problem somehow become my panic.

I was so sick by the time I got to Baltimore that I spent the lunch hour spread out on the floor of K.’s office nibbling at an apple and pretzel sticks she brought me, doing my best to not throw up anywhere. Maybe I should have stayed home.

Flight debacle meant that I didn’t think I had enough time to wait in line to buy lunch even though wow I had plenty of time, spent two more hours sitting on the tarmac, nothing for lunch but the banana bread and apple I’d brought from home. Gobbled it while staring at the seatback pocket in front of me, fantasizing about food during my layover in Salt Lake City.

Ridiculously timed day, long run followed by the airport then public transit to the hotel, I didn’t get here until 3pm and by then I’d had a fried egg and a smoothie and a weird breakfast cookie on the Canadian plane. I need more food than that! So I ate a small poutine at the french fry place under the hotel and the apple I bought to make correct change for the bus. Yum!

I inhaled my lunch so fast that the guy who brought it to my table was all Whoa! when I put my tray up on the counter and headed out. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. They I went to the museum and saw the William Kentridge installation at the Met and it was so fantastic.

You know what was nice about K. making everybody lunch? That I got mine before O. and N. Grown ups first! Grown ups first!