It took forty minutes to de-ice the plane so I had no time to buy food in the Minneapolis airport on my way to my connection. Luckily I’d purchased a 200 pound scone from the Boise airport, hacked off bits of that, peeled and ate an orange. Made do. not my favorite, but at least I had to seats to myself, curled up against the window.

Honestly I was so busy trying to finish the reading and then also the slides and it took me too long and I didn’t even really get there and all I had time to get myself to eat was a bagel and an orange. I’d eat an early dinner, right before class.

I’m just two days back on the job and already I’m not eating until 3, in a work meeting with colleagues, how is this happening already.

I ate in my office, this place again, talked on the phone with my mom back in Idaho, phone in my right hand and sandwich in my left. Ate my orange when I got off the phone. It was one of those easy-peelers, a nice change from the thin-skinned batch of last week, the peel coming off in dime-sized bits and pieces, almost too much work to be worth it.

I met B. at NYPL and we sat outside in the hot hot sun eating lunch. Wow it was hot in the sun. My leg was sweaty, just from sitting there. We talked about class next fall, how to keep things fun, what to do on the first day, how do you get people to do the reading. Then B. gave me a tour of the library. What a fantastic public resource.

Ate the same thing in the same spot, at my desk, staring at a machine, wondering why this is what the summer is.

I packed my lunch in my lunch sack this morning, unpacked my lunch out of my lunch sack in the afternoon, ate it piece by piece in the sensible order, reading about Chuck E. Cheese online.

I slapped D.’s salami between two slices of K.’s bread, K.’s cupcake and orange in my bag, lunch was an amalgam of yesterday’s birthday picnic and when I bolted it all at my desk in a post-refdesk hunger haze, I felt love, great great love, lucky lucky.

D. and I sat on a rock looking at a lake eating lunch and ranking them: would you rather Michigan Women’s Music Festival or Burning Man?

Laundry in the dryer, Kitchen Nightmares on the television, I actually don’t think this restaurant can be saved, tuna with heaps of arugula, then an orange. It’s rainy outside and it is good and warm and dry in here.