C. and I went to the Thai place on Fulton and she picked up the tab this time because I picked up the tab last time. We talked assessment shop, a talk I still kind of can’t believe I can talk, but I can, and do, and get paid for it. Life is nuts.


K. packed my lunch, what she usually has, leftover roasted vegetables over some mixed greens, I had potatoes and cauliflower and broccoli and beets and feta cheese and a boiled egg since I declined other proteins. It was perfect, an antidote for eating only what was available on the plane for four days.

I’ve been talking to K. about my latest concern, the need to dial in my nutrition, eat something other than burgers and fries while I train for this marathon. So she gave me all the leftovers, the broccoli, potatoes white and sweet, asparagus, two hunks of roast pork, the dish so big it could have been a couple of lunches except it was mine, so I ate it all at one time.

K. sent me to school with dinner leftovers for lunch, two servings of vegetables with rice. Two servings! I ate and read a newspaper article about Sister Wives, the best boring television show that has ever been on television.

I love lunch specials said J. as we walked down the block from the Pilates class I didn’t attend but she did. The Thai place a couple doors down offered one–entree plus soup or salad–so we went with that. I kept seeing I. in my head from lunch the other day, she was so good at scooping up rice with chopsticks, I feel like I got better at it just from sitting down once to eat with her. Magic.

I managed to get O. to leave the house with just me. It was a miracle. We scooted over to Cabrini playground and swung around and around on the tire swing. It was hot in the sun and cold in the shade. K. cooked a hot lunch and I had my fill when we got back. O. took a nap. I stretched out on the couch and watched football. Life. It’s good.

Sat in my cloffice and ate before my meeting, reflecting on the passage of time. It has foreclosed some options (staying inside on my couch all the time, going to the gym to use the elliptical) and opened up others (will I now run for time or will I run for distance), and when I bring a tool to bear on my new set of choices (Garmin GPS running watch) it’s pretty clear: Wherever we go from here is fine by me.