According to my Facebook memories, yesterday was the four year anniversary trip to the Smashburger across the street from the library. I wasn’t at work so had to wait to celebrate until today. It’s as buttery and delicious as ever.

It’s summer and I still have to grab fast food in the twenty minutes between a meeting and refdesk? God.

Suffused with anxiety, don’t quite know the culprit, but definitely soothed by mainlining a chicken sandwich and fries. Smashburger. It’s my favorite place in New York.

I had forty minutes to swallow a sandwich between my desk shift and the union meeting and god I made so many photocopies of absolutely the wrong thing.

I had free fries coupons burning a hole in my pocket, just burning right through it. The good, good life. Free fries. Free fries! How could I say no.

K. keeps me in foods, it turns out, so there I was at the end of my refdesk shift and Smashburger was the best option and it was delicious. For some reason we all got tons of coupons for free fries. Guess I have to go back tomorrow.

I knew I was getting clean vegan food with my clean vegan friend D. for dinner so why not throw down some french fries just to even things out?