I made this tuna salad in the morning, felt like some kind of superwoman, who makes a pot of lentils in the morning? Somebody who wants to stave off an afternoon cheeseburger, that’s who.

O. and I waited until we were ensconced on a Wakefield-241st Street bound 2 train before breaking into our lunches from home. I ate my lentils and read a running magazine while O. ate his PB&J and stared at the electronic train service map. Do you want your second sandwich? I asked after he swallowed the first in record time. When we get to the Bronx. And that is exactly what happened.

Going through the domestic motions, laundry and sweeping and emptying the dishwasher, cooking lentils and chopping parsley, eating on the couch in front of the Rose Parade, having Rose Parade memories. No complaints, not even one.

I ate my lentil and tuna salad and switched back and forth between my calendar and the registration page for the Cherry Tree 10 Miler, my calendar and the registration page for the Cherry Tree 10 Miler. Should I do it? Or maybe just volunteer? Who can know!

It’s so relaxing to start the week with a dish of food easy to carry right out of the fridge. This week is lentil and tuna salad, so easy. Recipe makes four servings but I’ve reduced that to two, and really, that’s just right around the right amount of food. In my office. At my desk. On a Monday.

I ate the rest of my lentil and tuna salad in my office reading the internet. Office working.

I ate too many minimuffins at the mid-morning meeting which meant that I did not want my lunch until after my class but that was a mistake: so cranky. So cranky!

I had this slim half hour between a desk shift and another desk shift, life having been juggled around to accommodate a strategic planning meeting that really kinda sorta didn’t happen. But it was enough time to swallow the last of the lentil and tuna salad, a lunch that makes me feel like an athlete. It’s just so protein packed!

I had half an hour between my desk shift and the speaker C. brought in to talk about qualitative and quantitative research methods so I ate my lentil and tuna salad as fast as I could and then ran upstairs and learned something. Jobs in higher education! Sometimes they’re really great.

I had the house to myself which was all I’d been wanting so I used the time and space to loll around and make lentil salad and watch America’s Next Top Model on cable.