K.’s gone. She’s the person who gets the food from the store and puts it into the refrigerator. Without her, I’m so hungry. Amazing how fast I can learn helplessness. So I thawed a dish of chili and boasted about it, K., it’s like I’m cleaning out the freezer!


I ate reheated chili in my office watching the Tigers game on the weird MLB gameday thing, so excited for O. and what an exciting time he’s having at opening day. His pleasure is usually not my organizing principle, actually, but I have to say, seeing the steady stream of ecstatic photos, this part is pretty fun.

So I’m walking back to my office with M. after the meeting and complaining about burnout and then wow! I got into Rutgers for phd school! Surprisingly pleased and excited.I ate a bunch of leftover office Valentine’s treats and worked my desk shift and ran back to my office and ate my lunch and daydreamed. Phd school!

I thawed a dish of chili and put a scoop of rice on top of it and ate it at my desk between class and my desk shift and this is just what this time in the semester feels like.

I ate my reheated chili and rice at my desk between my class and my desk shift, staring at the internet like you do.

O. ate chicken noodle soup and so did K. and I ate the rest of the chili O. and I made. I was just back from a run in the snow, O. and K. were about to head out in it for sledding. It felt like the weekend, but it wasn’t, as O. kept observing. A snow day!

I had half an hour between the end of my conference call and needing to get outside to stand on the corner and wait for O.’s school bus. I swallowed my bowl of chili, so hungry, I’d waited until 2pm to eat, that is really too late.