Like the holy grail, a park slope restaurant with room for six for brunch. Talk was all Bromptons, faculty meetings, Fifty Shades of Grey.


K. had the chile rellano, I had two tacos with rice and beans, the total for lunch came to $10.60. According to K., this is what you get when you eat in the middle of Detroit. I could only eat one taco I was that nervous about making my flight, twenty minutes from the restaurant and we had two and a half hours. Gotta be me. The U.S., Mexican, and Canadian flags were flying across the street, must have been a NAFTA tribute.

Sometimes everything just works out, you book a trip to Reykjavik, your friend M. books a trip to New York, you need a cat sitter, she needs a place to stay. Lucky my flight leaves much later tonight, so we got to grab lunch together. Luckily, the shitty brunch place was closed for a baby shower, so we were forced two more blocks to the taco place, great brunch, great catching up, and she picked up the check. A perfect last lunch before I’m faced with aisles of whale filets and sheep heads.

Well, that was nothing some salt and half an avocado couldn’t fix. Bachelor standards, may I keep them forever.

Yesterday afternoon, when I was standing at the stove stirring onions and cumin and chipotle peppers into these black beans, I imagined something more taco salad and less pile of beans on top of rice. At least it was lunch. I was halfway through before I remembered that my Project Become A Baseball Fan subscription fee also paid for an inning or two of the Tigers/Rangers game in my cloffice. Tied at zero in the top of the sixth! (Did I say that right?)

I grabbed something fast around Union Square and tried to decide whether or not I could brave a room full of strangers. Turned out I couldn’t, but I gave it a try.

I ordered the three bean salad over greens with egg and ricotta salata. I had no idea how that would work, but it turned out to be just as described: beans over greens with an egg–inexplicably brown, hard-boiled, and sliced–and ricotta salata. We were all undecided about whether or not to get the pancakes, but A. had the bright idea of ordering one for the table. So good. So smart.