I managed to completely sidestep the Aramark pasta salad. This has long been a problem of mine, being wooed by a bowl of institutional pasta salad, giving myself a scoop of it, then having to deal with the detritus on the plate. It’s always terrible. Unless it’s macaroni salad. Why and how does institutional macaroni salad taste so good?


My life was totally saved by M.’s committee’s Aramark lunch castoffs, a couple half sandwiches and a soggy salad, the remnant cookie which was of course oatmeal raisin. I had no lunch and meetings from 10 to 5 and when would I get lunch? I brought it down from the fifth floor and it was fantastic. Awful, of course, ate a couple of bites of the turkey and threw it away because it was soggy from sitting next to a tuna sandwich, but also fantastic. Needs met, in between questions at the reference desk!

After O.’s massive meltdown about lunch (no, you cannot just eat cookies for lunch) he finally emerged from under the blankets in his bedroom, willing to first eat a hot dog (so much better than a cookie, right?) and then eat a cookie. K. made me a grilled cheese sandwich. I took a bite when it was still too hot and burned my mouth. After all that O. forgot about the cookie for like fifteen minutes after he finished his lunch.

I ate in my office and fell down the rabbit hole of a high school acquaintance’s wedding website. Like you do. With one of K.’s cookies as a chaser.

K. made the chili and it was just fantastic, especially with jalapenos and sour cream, I felt like I was in a restaurant with terrific service even though I was really just in my office gobbling lunch at 2:15 because that’s when I could catch a break. Then I had one of D.’s cookies, I could have eaten four more. It was like Super Bowl redux, delicious.

I slid into the meeting with ten minutes to spare, got my flash drive all loaded up and then made a plate of Aramark salads, the Aramark sandwiches just looked impossible. I was encouraged to have a glass of wine, but as an athlete and someone who doesn’t like to fall asleep in the middle of the day, I had to decline. I did grab a cookie on the way out.

My kind of perfect day, a haircut to remove the solid block of hair creeping down my neck, then a tuna sandwich at a cafe a block away, my laptop and a bunch of work to do, compelling enough but my ego wasn’t tied to any of it, lack of wireless meant I actually got something done, halfway through coding the syllabi, celebrated with a cortado and a chocolate cookie.