S. took us to Cafe Vallejo in Baguio for lunch, site of the US colonial summer getaway. Excellent choice. We all ate huge plates and then ate dessert and took a bunch of selfies and met a poet S. knows who was in the restaurant too and I had a beer and it was a fantastic day in the Philippines. 


Buffalo Wild Wings has a lunch special! I got it plus the beer special and worked through some work email using the wifi and then watched a show about the NBA draft. America!

O. was invited to a birthday party in Queens at the science museum about an hour after we were scheduled to finish the Queens 10K together. Can you even believe the serendipity? This gave K. and I two hours to get lunch. Our phones told us this Mexican place was the best option in walking distance and I believe it. We split enchiladas and got tamales too. If I could go back in time I would have ordered ten more tamales.  The TV was showing an infomercial for a special cat fur grabber, a glove you wear on your hand and then insert into this pocket thing that removes all the fur so you can start over again. K. was riveted. One will be arriving by mail soon.

The international terminal at the Ottawa airport is a sad little collection of three gates, the rest of the Canadian flights behind a glass wall, H. said she’d join J. and I for lunch if only she could be subatomic gastronomy. Instead J. and I went to the bar area and ordered food and sat and ate and chatted and if you’d told me ten years ago when I first found his work that we’d be lol’ing at an airport bar a decade later, well, it’s been a good life so far and I’m lucky.

I ordered a pepperoni pizza using the pizza ordering app and waited for it to come so I could eat it with a beer watching the football game. Not the worst way to spend a Saturday.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer that tasted as good as the beer at the taco place post-Brooklyn Half, utterly spent, exhausted, O. eating chicken tacos across from me, splitting an order of chips.

J. and I hit the organic vegan cafe after Pilates to gossip and catch up. You know, how you do when you’re ladies who lunch.