It’s getting dire in here, I need K. to return from the wilds of Michigan to make me edible food for lunch. As it was I lay flat on my back on the couch eating reheated food like I was still in college, watching television and wishing my cold away.


I heated up a frozen dinner and ate it on the couch watching television. And then I popped some popcorn and ate it on the couch watching television. What’s abject?

Still in storm mode, just hours and hours at home, heated a frozen dinner and ate it in front of an episode of Scandal, then made popcorn and watched another.

L. made us fancy tuna sandwiches, added bits of this and that, we carried the plates out to the backyard and ate on the grass next to the lemon tree. The sun was hot on my arm, the air smelled like growing things, L. was right that the olives were key and better than mayonnaise.

Not a bright shining day in terms of meeting nutritional requirements. I sat and did my writing at the coffee place across the street from the movie theater, and my best option (out of three) was the shortbread. Then I figured I’d grab something with a grain or a vegetable in it before the movie, but I got pretty caught up in cutting and pasting and by the time I was done it was time for the movie. I beat A. to the ticket counter even though she was really early.

I ate my foil-wrapped sandwich in the dark, waiting for the movie to start. It didn’t. It still didn’t. Nope, no movie yet. Stuck on that screen advising us to silence our cell phones. Finally I broke the silence, asked my fellow passengers whether one of us ought to take control of our ship. Shrugs all around so I took matters into my own hands, went and told the guy with the walkie talkie standing near the concession stand, the screen finally started up again and I settled into my popcorn a hero. Not quite Professor X, but close.

Lights went down. Previews went up. I think I love the green this-preview-is-rated-G screen a little bit. I sneaked in the leathery fake-Thai fake-chicken salad in an attempt to keep myself from making myself totally sick on popcorn, but was pouring the remnants of my popcorn sack down my gullet before I cracked open my vegan snack. Love sitting alone in the dark. So glad those SATC2 lines had nothing to do with me.