A. came down from the Bronx and met me after the race at Josie’s and we had too much to say, occupied that table at the height of brunch for two hours. The guy at the table next to us ordered three tuna burgers, two for himself and one for his date. True story!


C. and K. sat across from me, catching up like you do. O. sat next to me, licking the top of the salt shaker. We don’t do that, except that, apparently, we do. At one point he declared, medal draped around his neck, I am a runner. Such sweet language! All of it was just what I needed.

K. made an omelette while O. freaked out and calmed down and freaked out again. The omelette had peppers and asparagus and leeks inside of it, just a little bit of egg, it’s a good thing K. came back from Michigan bringing along balanced diets with lots of vegetables included.

I showered after the race at K.’s house, then C. and T. and E. came over and K. made us a giant omelette with asparagus and feta cheese and hot peppers. E. and O. ate at the kids table, fried potatoes and pineapple, before retiring to O.’s room. K. went to see what was up with them. Go away I’m having private time with E. he said.

I love when breakfast comes with salad. I can’t remember when I last saw B., her cinnamon cookie is five now, she bought a place in Bay Ridge, I ran four and a half miles, nothing but the news.

K. and P. served around giant heaping plates of omelette and I made my way through what I could, plus all the toast I could swallow. O. balked at eggs with things other than eggs in them, really he has a very narrow palate.

About a zillion vegetables and some cheese, more of all that than egg, some hot sauce, up there with my favorite omelettes. O. ate one bite of egg, just the one.