If I’m honest, the prospect of institutional box lunch was half of why I agreed to go to the accreditation workshop. It did not disappoint, because I keep a very low bar. Chips and cookies, both!

Same lunch. Wished it was a burger. Stared at the Internet. 

I tried avocado in my sandwich today. Not feeling it, not feeling it, the texture, nope. Stared into the middle distance while I ate in my office. 

There’s something so lunch about a ham sandwich, just sounds like a metal lunch box, legs swinging over the side of the scaffolding, just repairing a bridge like you do when you’re working, a ham sandwich and maybe a thermos of soup. I had a yogurt instead. Super mega really not vegan. 

I ate a salad in a meeting about outcomes assessment and it was all a little watery. 

I’m not proud of it, but the soccer final went to penalty kicks aka it took forever and by the time we left I was too hungry to say no to O.’s request for just ten minutes of volleyball. Snackbar was slim pickings. 

Once S. and I had made brunch plans the impending eggs benedict hovered at the edges, really since Tuesday. On this morning’s five miler I could almost taste them, like a carrot dangled just a little bit in front of me. And it was all true, they were really that good, could have licked my plate.