Down to slim refrigerator pickings, I assembled turkey, cream cheese, and cucumbers on bread. It felt like afternoon tea. I swallowed it in my office I. The twenty minutes between talking to C. about my life and sitting at the refdesk. I thought this part of the semester was over. 

Sliced boiled egg with lettuce and capers. It wasn’t enough food. 

K. asked me to please help eat the abundance of spoiling avocados in the house and so I put half of one on my sandwich. All the light bulbs were out in my office but I have a big window. The rainy and gray day made things a bit dim. 

Because L. and I are now calorie-counting app friends she let me know which recipe to use as I tracked my lunch. Another Idahoan was there!

K. is taking O. and F. ice skating. I could barely handle them in the house, in O.’s room, door closed. My god. How do any of us have siblings. The door closed and locked and I put in some ramen and everything was quiet. 

I ate reheated leftover lasagna in my office while coping with a listserv meltdown. I sent that mass email all wrong. Oops. Secretarial work is no joke. 

I was at work and the heat in my office was broken and I was so cold but you know what warms a person up? Coating their insides with hot fat. 

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