What do you like to get here? asked R., less versed in the way of the NYC diner. I got my usual, he got a BLT, we split a slice of blueberry pie. It has been twenty years now, maybe more. Everything is different but lots is the same too, his world has more colors in it than mine does, pie is better warm, Boise is a long way away but airplanes make it closer. 

K. and I stopped at a place with high Yelp ratings in the middle of nowhere, Pennsyltucky. New American was the Yelp designation but really it was just wings and fries and grilled cheese sandwiches. I would have gotten a beer but didn’t want to fall asleep. We got the waffle fries. I think regular fries would have been better.

Long run followed by desk shift followed by grabbing O. and hoofing it over to soccer practice, I was so hungry even the parade grounds refreshment stand seemed appealing. I was gobbling my sandwich as we walked toward field 4b when a gust of wind blew the other half off the top of my dish of fries. The day in a nutshell.

I inhaled my lunch so fast that the guy who brought it to my table was all Whoa! when I put my tray up on the counter and headed out. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. They I went to the museum and saw the William Kentridge installation at the Met and it was so fantastic.

We came home from race day and K. cooked up grilled cheese sandwiches because that’s what we have for lunch on Sundays right now.

I was really quite insistent that I wasn’t cranky because I was hungry. I was wrong. K. made me a grilled cheese sandwich with sliced jalapenos while I responded to email and O. assembled a Lego kit. I didn’t think I could finish my share of the sauteed kale. I was wrong.

It was a distribution-of-labor kind of Sunday morning, I watched the kids while K. went for groceries, I reeled off three miles while K. made lunch. Grilled cheese with tomato and jalapeno, spinach salad with these small hard cucumbers, O. and F. battling it out over some make-shapes-with-shapes game on the floor, trained under ten minutes a mile, how can you beat that?

After O.’s massive meltdown about lunch (no, you cannot just eat cookies for lunch) he finally emerged from under the blankets in his bedroom, willing to first eat a hot dog (so much better than a cookie, right?) and then eat a cookie. K. made me a grilled cheese sandwich. I took a bite when it was still too hot and burned my mouth. After all that O. forgot about the cookie for like fifteen minutes after he finished his lunch.

I nabbed S. out of the line at Starbucks and we went to the diner on 10th Avenue and I inhaled a grilled cheese sandwich with fries I was so hungry. Spending two and a half hours in doctors waiting rooms for a total of nine minutes of contact with health professionals really builds up a hunger. S. didn’t finish his fries. I ate half of them too. We decided I’d show a clip of War Games in my night class. I didn’t get to it but I did learn that two thirds of the students were too young to know what a flame war is.

Grilled cheese day! Totally the best. Is it the thick slices of white bread? Is it the American cheese? What makes grilled cheese day the best day ever? I swear I could have eaten an entire loaf.