Sadface lunch, reheated packet of chickpeas over rice, in fast bites in the middle of my four hour refdesk shift.

I had thirty minutes between the second executive committee meeting of my day and my reference desk shift so I ate as fast as I could, reheated chickpeas over rice, it wasn’t enough time, not enough time.

I ate on my couch after moving the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, waiting for 32 minutes, enough time to scarf down a bowl of chickpeas and get back downstairs to the laundromat. I kind of love the rhythm of a day like that, lunch in its place, in between tasks.

Do not disturb binge watching season one of Damages.

Woke up from a nap, made some rice, heated up a processed chickpea meal out of a foil packet, stirred in some rice, ate flat on my back on the couch watching an episode of a program on television, oh boy I’m tired.

Chit chatted with a colleague at the microwave in the hallway, NCAA re-certification committee scuttlebutt, you know, the usual. It’s a gorgeous day they tell me but still I ate defiantly in my overheated cloffice, door closed. Peeling an orange an equivalent of sungazing, no?

No matter what else happens, there’s always the lunch anchor, a day like today, I like to drop it square at twelve noon, sometimes it really is just about hitting marks. While I ate I shopped for performance clothing online. I find myself in the unlikely position of requiring something I can run in that has pockets for keys and cash so I can stop on the way home and buy things like all the other runners I saw out on Sunday. So far I’ve just been stuffing my housekeys painfully down my bra. I’m ready to step up in class.