I ate a turkey sandwich from the Whole Foods by my therapist’s office in the core curriculum committee meeting. I can’t believe anyone is credulous about faculty governance in 2017, but what else are we going to with our lives?

I ate a turkey sandwich at my desk while working through the weeding list. Both were a bit dry.

I ate half a cantaloupe that K. cut up for me and the entire time I just kept seeing the cookies on the kitchen counter that I almost packed for myself and then was all shrug, I have all this fruit, that’s plenty. What was I thinking? What was I thinking?

Unexpected, uncommon for this time of year gap of time! An entire three hour stretch with nothing in it! Except all the work I had to do, staring at the computer, shoving a turkey sandwich in my mouth.

I had to pack my own sandwich but it was still the right thing to do and I was glad I did it even though wow I was running late because I don’t live fifteen minutes away from my office anymore everything is changing.

K. packed me a sandwich for lunch! It was wild! She made it in our kitchen and put it in my bag! What! This is bananas!

I just completely and totally spaced on my lunch date with B., was sitting through the credits when my phone buzzed with buzzing buzzes, weren’t we supposed to have lunch? Major oops. But we made it work anyway, sandwiches at Bric, talked shop and kids. I can’t believe what some people think is acceptable. Really.