O. was invited to a birthday party in Queens at the science museum about an hour after we were scheduled to finish the Queens 10K together. Can you even believe the serendipity? This gave K. and I two hours to get lunch. Our phones told us this Mexican place was the best option in walking distance and I believe it. We split enchiladas and got tamales too. If I could go back in time I would have ordered ten more tamales.  The TV was showing an infomercial for a special cat fur grabber, a glove you wear on your hand and then insert into this pocket thing that removes all the fur so you can start over again. K. was riveted. One will be arriving by mail soon.


I’ve been dreading this one project because it requires essentially organizing a garbage pile I spent four months assembling but I decided to just gut it out today, mindlessly eating Trader Joe’s chicken and cheese tamales like some kind of college student, the Royals game on television. I don’t even really remember eating, but I’m sure I must have.

I totally meant to get work done, I totally did. It was 100% totally on my mind to work on my syllabus, to work on my article. But then there were episodes of a new tv show called Camp, plus I was tired, plus it was really almost time to leave again, right? Who could work under such conditions?

I heated up taquitos for M., tamales for me, we ate at the table while he showed me Train Simulator on the iPad. What a great kid.