I’ve been talking to K. about my latest concern, the need to dial in my nutrition, eat something other than burgers and fries while I train for this marathon. So she gave me all the leftovers, the broccoli, potatoes white and sweet, asparagus, two hunks of roast pork, the dish so big it could have been a couple of lunches except it was mine, so I ate it all at one time.


O. asked if he could try on his new sneakers while we sat and ate at the restaurant. I said sure, why not, he came around to my side of the table and slid out of his blue asics and into his orange asics. They are the fastest shoe, maybe you didn’t know that. Strong brand awareness for this guy, and he is only six years old.

I ate K.’s dinner for lunch and felt lucky again, it was all so autumnal, especially the whole roasted sweet potato cut in half and devoured. It’s a wonder food, too, which is no small thing.

I have no idea what would have happened to me if K. hadn’t set me off with a dish of leftovers for lunch. I ate from 3 to 3:10, reading a screen, getting through my food as fast as I could.

I reheated K.’s leftovers and ate them on her couch talking first to K. and then to D. about the impending end of the world as we know it. I do anticipate a period of great discomfort. So many of these lately, last year’s freezer full of water, the blizzard two years ago that kept from a ride to High Falls, a car burning in the snowed-in intersection. It’s hard not to think it’s the end of the world.

Such is the mix ‘n’ match at the Emerald Queen Casino I-5 after the buffet has closed for lunch and you’ve each got a $25 comp that comes with strict rules regarding number of apps and entrees and desserts. The barbecued pork came with that dish of hot mustard and sesame seeds, it was like I was back at Twin Dragon. Then mom and I closed out the trip with many many many free spins, like so many free spins we could not even count them.

I usually like whatever N. throws together, so when he put out the call for a friendly meet-n-greet, I was all in. We met at the shipping containers across the street, five of us, and talked about technologies, Poll Everywhere was my takeaway, along with an appreciation for the B&H return policy. I bought more minidonuts for the table than we could really eat, taken in by the guy selling the donuts. You gotta get fourteen. Don’t you want to be the office hero?