L. is maybe the best cook I know. If she ever asks you over for a meal say yes. The ricotta pancakes were even better with lemon curd. They have five cats. O. and C. were born on the same day in the same hospital and they played spit in the back room while we talked about celiac and breastfeeding and how sometimes you can know that your desires are ideological constructed but it just doesn’t matter. You still want things. 


Because L. and I are now calorie-counting app friends she let me know which recipe to use as I tracked my lunch. Another Idahoan was there!

Back in the day I saw A. five times a week and it was pretty much the best thing about that job, we’d go get her car washed at lunchtime, eat in the mall. But then I got a gig in Brooklyn, A. had a kid, time is what it is, New York. Lucked into a spontaneous date, I got the pancakes even though it’s pretty much like eating a couple sliced of cake for lunch, why not follow it up with ice cream.

Rolled over to D.’s house at ten and just kept eating pancakes and talking and laughing well into lunchtime. D. manned the skillet while D. and I caught up, eventually a pair of teenagers wandered downstairs, occasioning a whole new batch and ratcheting up the volume.

D. intercepted me on the phone on my way down the stairs. I had a list of errands to run. Come over for pancakes and bacon with me and D. Okay! I look forward to looking back on this time as when you guys used to have me over for pancakes and bacon. I hope I’m really really old when it’s a memory.

I went over to D.’s house for brunch with her and D. There were a reliable number of split decisions, a la limp vs crispy. I rotated sides while D. and D. held down either pole. But unanimous on one count: we should for sure do this more often.

We left the shelter cat-and-puppy-free and stopped at the Gemini diner for food and coffee. D. wanted pancakes but not only pancakes, so we ordered some for sharing. I got an egg and cheese on a roll, and L. and D. each ordered omelettes. I was feeling pretty sadsack about my cats of days gone by, so was glad for D.’s drunken mariachi band jury duty story and L. sitting right next to me.