I can’t say the eatery in Igdapdap was totally comfortable for me. I am not an adventurous eater. But a pork chop with rice is a pork chop with rice, even nine thousand miles from home. 


We took the ferry from Bacolod to Iloilo and then we needed to get a ferry to Guimares. There are two ports in Guimares, two ferry terminals in Iloilo. We asked our cab driver and he told us the port we were leaving, and then he drove us to the other port, where the woman at the ticket window told us to go back to where we had come from. We called uncle and went into the mall and availed ourselves of air conditioning and wifi. I ate at Jollibee, K. got a rice and egg dish from a stall. I would have liked it better if she hadn’t squirted a bunch of mayonnaise over the top.¬†

Still turned upside down from jet lag lunch was what I ate around the middle of this time zone, anceoissant on the way to Bacolod, some apples from home at the airport. 

I have no idea how to count lunch when time disappears down a trans-pacific airplane hole. I guess the Delta SkyClub Tokyo bits and pieces were a close approximation although by that point I was pretty sure I never wanted to have a body again, much less one full of airport food. I took a shower (this was my best idea of the trip by far) and then tried the regionally-specific SkyClub snacks. The two people next to us were doing a mileage run through Singapore. He was fashion director for Kleinfeld Bridal for years, first job was assistant to a much younger Donald Trump, running interference to enable the whole Marla Maples thing. I love being an elite traveler. 

The travel menu said we were being served dinner at the start of our twelve hour flight from Detroit to Tokyo even though it was only 12:15. Normalizing the meal and sleep schedule is key, everybody says: hygiene hygiene, hygiene. This first airplane meal was novel, the rest much less so. 

The kid is off to camp, I am off to Manila, so we were off to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. What do you want? I asked. What I always get. Kids meal, boneless wings with teriyaki on the side, fries, and a Coke, ice cream with chocolate syrup for dessert. I had the mango habanero boneless wings. Nobody asked me if I could handle it this time. 

I met D. for brunch, I am vibrating with travel anxiety, I ate and ranted and that was all I could eat for the day. We each got a plate of eggs and then an order of French toast to share. It is a good life. I would like to be able to enjoy it. 

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